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Brewery Shared Christmas Party Venue, EC1

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T.0207 294 7548

Nearest tube station: Barbican

Google Map: click here

Capacity: 720

Venue Description:

This year our theme is Aurora, this takes us to a dystopian future where the sun no longer shines and the Earth is shrouded in darkness. There is no light but for a celestial phenomenon that occurs every winter when for one month only the vibrant dancing lights of the aurora illuminate the night sky. The Aurora brings an explosion of colour and light to the previously black skies. In this future world huge parties are held to celebrate the Aurora during the month that it takes place. These parties are a celebration of light, colour and joy and this is what will be taking place at The Brewery throughout December. To bring this concept to life we will be exploring ways of creating sharp contrasts of bright colourful pockets of light against a background of darkness. We will utilise different lighting techniques and types of lighting such as neon’s and ultraviolet alongside vibrant draping to create the explosions of colour needed to mark this annual celebration.


Bespoke Christmas packages on request

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